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Here's why July 1 should be a bank holiday in Ireland


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LOOK AT THE sunny… OK, warm weather outside.

Now look at the bank holidays over the summer in Ireland.

May, June… what?

There is a giant, gaping hole where July should be.

And yet, the beginning of July is a very special time.

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And everybody knows it.

Today belongs to Mundy.

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Every year, even without a holiday, people celebrate this day in their own special ways.

So, to recap:

  • We know that the nation is united in celebration.
  • AND it’s warm outside, and perfect ice cream weather.
  • And, just a reminder:

The conclusion is inescapable.

The first day of July should be a national public holiday.

Call it Mundy Day. Call it July Day. Whatever.

Why should this be all about Mundy? Well, the man deserves it. He was on the Romeo and Juliet soundtrack fer chrissakes! Plus Mundy is an everyman.

While other rock stars swank it up with their glamorous haircuts and that, Mundy is a bit of a potato head just like the rest of us.

Source: Eamonn Farrell/Photocall Ireland

And he’s soundtracked the weddings of about 80% of the married population. (This rises to 98% in Galway).

And he’s mates with national treasure Sharon Shannon.

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So the campaign begins here. Declare July 1 a national holiday, Mundy Day. And we can all go to the park and eat ice creams.

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Who’s with us?

Poll Results:

YES! I will stand behind this cause and we can all eat ice creams in the park (670)
No, I'm a miserable b*****d. (63)

That’s settled then.

Source: djspinners2k7/YouTube

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