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It's National Lazy Day! Here are 11 ways to make the most of it

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HAPPY NATIONAL LAZY day. If you got up and dressed, you’re already doing it wrong.

Here are a few tips to guide you through the rest of this sacred holiday.

1. Locate a cozy area, and stay there

36x1GQB Source: Imgur

2. Don’t bother with complicated things like writing

S3ZWuCE Source: Imgur

3. Or thinking, in general

eI0JG99 Source: Imgur

4. Just try to stay still. Aim to convince your pedometer that you’re dead

dqMyAjK Source: Imgur

5. Getting out of bed is not an option. The world is lava

EyS70 Source: Imgur

6. Today is not the day for doing that DIY you’ve been putting off

qbAdh5l Source: Imgur

7. Or cooking even the simplest of things

AYm6QaT Source: Imgur

8. Nothing should come between you and another beer, like movement, for instance

P7yP2t1 Source: Imgur

9. Or eating

TYECp30 Source: Imgur

10. Embrace that laze

For it only comes once a year… ahem.

3CrPXgq Source: Imgur

Finally, here’s an explanation as to why you’re so lazy>

9 very lazy things you definitely do all the time>

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