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# National Potato Day

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# Your Say
Poll: How do you like your potatoes?
Bord Bia’s national potato day encourages consumers to buy Irish spuds.
# how do you eat yours?
Poll: It's national potato day, what's the best way to enjoy spuds?
Bord Bia’s national potato day, encourages consumers to buy Irish spuds.
# beggora
12 things to prove the stereotype that we Irish love potatoes might actually be true
OK, we’re holding our hands up.
# National Potato Day
QUIZ: Test your knowledge of Ireland's favourite crop
Just how familiar are you with the noble spud?
# National Potato Day
14 ways to eat a potato, ranked from worst to best
Roast, mash, boiled — what will come out on top?
Ireland and the spud go hand-in-hand, but they're in decline. Myth they're fattening is damaging
Spuds have a particular image problem among young women – ask a group of your female friends to come up with a word to describe potatoes and “fattening” is likely to be the most common response, writes Michael Kelly.
# National Potato Day
A love letter to the humble potato
If you can’t say it on National Potato Day, then when can you?
# The Spud
Happy National Potato Day! Here are 7 interesting facts about the humble spud
Mashed, roasted, boiled, fried, chips…
# National Potato Day
7 people who think the Irish only eat potatoes
Coupled with some delicious pictures of delicious potatoes.