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# National Potato Day
14 ways to eat a potato, ranked from worst to best
Roast, mash, boiled — what will come out on top?

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As such, we thought it was time for an undisputed ranking of the myriad ways you can eat potatoes.

14. Smash

12410011_0_640x640 Ocado Ocado

We’re not even going to dignify this with a comment.

13. Boiled potatoes

boiled Flickr Flickr

Potatoes are bland enough as it is, why would you boil them and make them even more tasteless? The mind boggles.

12. Waffles

waffle Flickr Flickr

Only acceptable if you’re a child or desperately hungover. (And let’s be honest, the measly amount of potato in a microwaveable waffle isn’t really worth talking about.)

11. Potato salad


Here’s the thing: potato salad is actually quite nice if it’s done right. But all too often, it’s just a bowl of freezing cold potato lathered in mayonnaise.


10. Croquettes

croq Flickr Flickr

The croquette is a welcome addition to any plate, especially at Christmas.

But they have also been known to burn the roofs of many a mouth. (The potato is just so well insulated, you know?)

9. Boxty

Wondering about the taste of traditional Midlands rural Ireland? This is it, and it's amazing, with real Irish butter, obvs. #Boxty #Ireland #Rural #Longford #Leitrim #Food #FoodPorn antaobhrua antaobhrua

A very underrated savoury dish, in our opinion.

8. Potato gratin

potatos Flickr Flickr

Potato gratin is basically posh beige food — a wonderful marriage of potato, cream and cheese. But it sadly takes 1hr 20 to cook at Jamie Oliver’s estimate, so…

7.  Baked potatoes

baked Flickr Flickr

The one type of potato you can truly get creative with.

You can make it as fancy or as unhealthy as you like. Pepperoni pizza baked potato, breakfast baked potato, broccoli and cheese… thepossibilities are endless.

6. Wedges

#PotatoWedges arumnofita arumnofita

You’re hungover, you need a quick cure and you’re not quite confident you can stomach an entire chicken roll. What do you do? You procure lukewarm wedges from your nearest shop deli and pray they fix you.

5. Potato cakes

Bambbbb! #potatocakes #theycomefrozen #ikea #foodporn msxtinageeee msxtinageeee

Potato cakes: for when you don’t want to stuff your gob with gloopy mash.

4. Mashed potatoes

homemade KFC mashed potato 哈哈哈哈哈哈 用蚝油和黄油做出来的鸡汁土豆泥好好吃啊啊啊啊啊啊 #mashedpotato#homemade#evenbetterthanKFC 1mener 1mener

You might act all sophisticated with your avocados and quinoa, but be honest: nothing beats a plate of your Ma’s mash covered in Bisto.

3. Crisps

Can't bate a tayto sandwich #tayto #irishabroad laura_ann_89 laura_ann_89


2. Roast potatoes

Roast dinner by @pearny1971 veganforgood veganforgood

The roasty is the king of the potatoes — so beloved that there is even a roast potato pop-up opening in London soon. We’d eat them for dinner everyday if we could.

1. Chips

#chickenburger #chips scottymair scottymair

There could be no other champion.

Think of all the nights out you’ve gotten chips or the comforting bean, sausage and chips dinners you had as a kid. Chips are there for you when you’re happy, when you’re drunk or when you’re just pure lazy.

All hail chips.

What do you think? Let us know in the comments. 

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