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These neighbours took passive aggressive to the next level with this print

Noise complaints aren’t usually this creative.

WHEN YOU LIVE below somebody, you get to know them very, very well.

It’s not just the fact that you hear them coming and going every day, but it can get even more intimate than that. But what can you do about it?

Well, this Imgur user awoke to her printer mysteriously rumbling away. She walked in to find this message from the downstairs neighbours:

neighbours Source: Imgur

Well, eh, message received.

Posting the image to Reddit under the username emzieees, she described how the neighbours from below even had access to her printer in the first place:

My printer is unsecured. They’ve used it a couple of times to print last minute essays. I woke up to the noise of my printer moving around, making those weird sacrifice noises, and this is what was printing. They used my printer to send me a message from downstairs. I picked it up, was a little confused, then laughed for a while because I realized what happened.

Turns out, according to i100, that she wasn’t even having sex at all:

I wasn’t actually sleeping with anyone, I was trying a new workout routine. Apparently sweating through Day 3 of Insanity upset my neighbours.

We’d be more upset at the level of colour ink wasted than the awkwardness of it all. But still, the neighbours made their point in a fairly creative way.


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