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8 excellently nerdy things to do in Dublin

You know you want to.

WITH THE DUBLIN Web Summit kicking off today, the city will be inundated with nerds.

What’s new?

Here are some alternative nerd things to do out and about.

1. Catch a Sci-Fi movie in the IFI

The Irish Film Institute is a hive of activity for film nerds. The surroundings are perfect for enjoying some classic or current movies, often holding Sci-Fi, horror and foreign film festivals. Free events and workshops, are also on offer and any film geek worth their salt will spend hours browsing the bookshop.

429346_10150729411115421_398594460_n Source: IFi

2. Visit an exhibition at the Science gallery

There’s never a dull moment in the Dublin Science Gallery, and it’s the dream surroundings for any science or tech geeks among us. Their most recent exhibition, Secret, took a look at internet surveillance, including a book in which you can look up your leaked LinkedIn password, and find out their net worth based on the name on their debit card.

Deliciously nerdy.

The meet ups, exhibitions and discussions are constant and there’s definitely something for every interest–see what’s happening here.

545770_10150876717412972_293326141_n Source: scigallerydublin

3. Kick some stranger’s arse on the Playstation

OK, so you might have to actually have some knowledge about what you’ll be doing, but Xtreme Gaming Centre on Liffey Street caters to the most hardcore of gamers. They have basically every console and game you could possibly want, and often throw competitions and gaming parties.

549901_334396533336811_522066709_n Source: Xtreme-Gaming-Centre

4. Take a lightsaber combat class in East Wall

Yes, lightsaber fighting is a thing, and there are classes right under your nose. The Ludosport Lightsaber Combat Academy hides out in East Wall and you can take an hour long class for just €12.

12009642_1640961286120804_5337477839278283185_n Source: LudoSport-Ireland-Lightsaber-Combat-Academy

5. Head to a convention

Between Dublin Comic Con, the Invasion Star Wars convention, and next weekend’s anime convention Eirtakon in the Croke Park Convention center–Dublin’s convention scene is buzzing.

Cosplay is no funny business! #hellyeah#eirtakon#eirtagram#cosplay#anime# Source: eirtagram

6. Browse the comic book shops

Head to Sub City on Dame Street, Forbidden Planet on Crampton Quay, or Dublin City Comics on Bolton Street.

Just bring a lot of cash.

11811309_858240490919004_8457650295952089157_n Source: fpdublin

7. Gamersworld

We’re getting in deep nerd territory now. Gamers World on Jervis Street is a treasure trove of nerdy activity, and proud of it. You can take part in gaming tournaments or just browse their extensive stock of cards and models. If you’re a beginner, don’t fret, these lads and lasses are super friendly.

10460207_767248116730746_2859883373385329367_n Source: gamersworlddublin05

8. Go model car racing in Naul

Not as geeky as the others, but when you consider they’re putting on a Star Wars themed Astro Wars, the Dublin Model Car Club is a little more than slightly nerdy. EXCELLENT fun, though.

AstroBanFB Source: Dublinmodelracing

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