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11 memories of Nero's nightclub in Kilkenny everyone who was ever there will recognise

Straight in the side door after Kyteler’s.

neros Source: Twitter/@dickie1973

IT WAS THE quintessential Kilkenny nightspot of the ’00s – much less fancy than that Langton’s place but still a proper nightclub that you actually had a good chance of getting into.

What memories:

1. Pints in Kyteler’s beer garden first was always the best option

courtyard-1 Source: Kytelersinn

Easy access.

2. Lads were only delighted that Nero’s didn’t require any fancy shoes like Langton’s

jeansand Source: Tumblr

3. The side door into Neros from Kyteler’s was the holy grail

kyteler-s-inn Source: Tripadvisor

The weekly rumour that you would get in free if you pitched up late was taken advantage of by many.

4. Or if you went by the traditional route, you had to basically go through a tunnel to get into the place

THETUNNEL Source: flickr

5. And pay in at a little cubby under the stairs

beat2 Source: Facebook/Beat 102 103

It was like a covert military operation.

6. When you actually got in there, people could just stroll around the upstairs area of the club having a gawk at the dancefloor below

neros22 Source: YouTube

7. And the gothic windows didn’t exactly fit into Nero’s vibe

topbar-2 Renovated now, but the spirit of Neros lives on... Source: Kytelersinn

8. The cage dancers above the dancefloor were an exotic feather in the cap of Kilkenny’s night life

neros33 Source: YouTube

As the Kilkenny People reports, they were introduced in 2004 to much fanfare.

What scenes.

9. Sometimes you would spot lads with stained shirts after they had got caught trying to climb the oil covered wall into Langtons


Neros was the next best option – no matter what your state of dress.

10. Phil Cawley from Today FM was always pitching up to DJ and it was a pretty big deal

neros23 Source: YouTube


11. And finally… after the night was done, the alleyway outside would be absolutely heaving

kytelers Source: Google Maps

Like a second dancefloor, so it was.

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