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spoil yourself

Netflix are purposely spoiling some of the biggest twists in movies and television

He was dead all along.

IT’S HARD TO keep up-to-date with what’s OK to spoil and what isn’t, when it comes to TV and movies. With all of these on demand services around, who’s to know who has seen what?

Do people moaning about spoilers months after the release grind your gears? Well, Netflix are here to make spoilers OK.

The streaming service have released a new web app, Spoil Yourself, that is just waiting to spoil over 30 shocking movies and show twists, all in a nice snappy succession.

Netflix are also asking users to rate which spoilers are still sensitive, and which are fair game on the Public Domain of Spoilers. Cool Runnings and The Graduate are currently leading the board.

Next time someone complains about your careless spoiler tweet, kindly direct them this way.

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