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QUIZ: Can you name these iconic New Year's Eve moments from film and TV?

Three, two, one… HAPPY NEW YEAR!

NEW YEAR’S EVE is an emotional time for many people, and Hollywood’s favourite fodder is emotion.

Can you guess the New Year’s Eve movie based off these clues? Let us know your score in the comments!

And give us a New Year’s kiss while you’re at it.

1. In which movie does this “Goodbye 70s… Hello 80s” banner appear?

Source: YouTube/OwlRafter

Can you guess? Click here for the answer.

2. From what TV programme is this New Year’s Eve kiss?

Source: YouTube/username1

Roll the dice and click here for the answer.

3. In what movie, poster below, does someone “wake up” on New Year’s Eve?

Source: therefinedinvestor

Are you awake? Click here for the answer.

4. Can you name these two characters sharing a moment of friendship on NYE in NYC?

Source: YouTube/PdudePantip

Click here for the answer.

5. Name all four of these actors, starring in the Christmas and New Year’s movie The Holiday.

Source: impawards

Snuck in an easy one for anyone struggling. Click here for the answers.

6. “I came here tonight because…” Finish these famous lines from the New Year’s scene in When Harry Met Sally.

Source: YouTube/nnichen91

Click here for the answer. And, no, it ISN’T the faking an orgasm scene.

7. What’s unusual about this New Year’s Eve dance scene from Friends?

Source: YouTube/BlondieDCT

Click here for the answer. Bonus points if you can do The Routine.

8. From what film is this New Year’s Eve smooch taken?

Source: YouTube/fullhearts

Smooch smooch. Click here for the answer. 

9. What movie is this picture of Lea Michele taken from?

Source: YouTube/StreamingClips

Any ideas? Click here for the answer.

Happy New Year!

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