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9 newsletters that will make your inbox a happier place

It doesn’t have to be spam.

YOUR INBOX DOESN’T have to be full of spam, you can make it glorious by signing up to some choice newsletters.

1. The Coven

A weekly digest of all the best content from The Coven, a fantastic blog written for and about women. It was founded by Irish journalist Sarah Waldron and will quickly become the highlight of your Sunday night.

Subscribe here.

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2. Lenny Letter

This is a new venture between Girls’ Lena Dunham and Jenni Konner, this email newsletter isn’t just a selection of links, but instead it contains original content such as interviews with Hillary Clinton, a friend of Sandra Bland, Chenai Okammor, and original fiction by the likes of Dunham herself.


3. Now I Know

Every day, Dan Lewis (head of new media communications for Sesame Street!) sends out a weird and wonderful fact or back story. Did you know that carrots were originally purple? Or that they spend over $5 billion a year flushing the loo in the States? Now you do. Subscribe now.


4. The Sunday Long Read

Does exactly what it says on the tin. The best of the week’s long reads delivered to you every Sunday.. long reads like…

What Happened After My Kidnapping

The Jocks of Computer Code Do it for the Job Offers

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5. Today In Tabs

This snappy newsletter is from Rusty Foster. He goes through his day in interesting tabs. The articles are interesting, and he closes things up nicely with today’s toy and today’s song. A must have if you find yourself wondering what those subtle Twitter references are talking about.


6. Links I Would GChat you if we were friends

Another roundup of interesting links and reads from the day. Dewey is a Washington Post journalist and has an eye for digging out the most interesting content on the net each day. Scroll through links such as Lifestyle bloggers actually have pretty terrible lives, what’s the internet’s physical shape, and 9 Wikihow articles on stupidly simple topics. You know you want to subscribe.

7. Brain Pickings

This newsletter is a fond favourite in many inboxes. It includes articles about creativity, psychology, art and science and is constantly intriguing. Subscribe now.


8. ReadThisThing

One story a day, carefully selected and delivered to your inbox.

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9. Medium Daily Digest

The best of articles from writers on the blogging platform, rolled into one nice digest.


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