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Nice day for a 'white' wedding?

‘Colonial Africa’-themed wedding in South Africa ruffles some feathers… what do you think of the happy couple’s photo album?

THERE ARE THEMED weddings and there are themed weddings. The wedding album from one such nuptial celebration has been thrown in the spotlight by feminist blog Jezebel.com who have spotted the ‘all-white’ nature of its Colonial Africa theme.

Dodai Stewart writes that the ‘Out of Africa’ motif was taken a little too literally. Responding to the description of the wedding, which took  place in South Africa, as “truly authentic”, Stewart notes:

Yes, “truly authentic” in that an all-white crowd was waited on by an all-black staff of servants. Some of the images – like the large one above – are truly unsettling.

This is the image she’s talking about:

More photos of the happy couple larking about are visible on Jezebel (here), but it appears that “Dave & Chantal’s Colonial-Africa Wedding” has been removed from the We Love Pictures site where it first appeared.

Have a look at the Jezebel post and tell us: do you think there’s something dodgy about the Colonial Africa-themed reception?

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