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This is the most extensive and brilliant Nicolas Cage prank ever pulled

In awe.

AN IMGUR USER by the name of Timbo57 had a problem. His brother had called Nicolas Cage “a big d-bag”.

Corrective action was required. So he put into motion perhaps the greatest Nicolas Cage prank the world has ever seen. (Yes, even better than putting Cage on all the UCD computers.)

He cut out more than a thousand Nicolas Cage faces…

Imgur Imgur

…and put them all around his brother’s home. Like, ALL around.

Covering every family photo:

Imgur Imgur

Everything in the fridge:

Imgur Imgur

Including every Easi Single.

Imgur Imgur

Filling every sock with Nic Cage faces, and replacing them in the drawer.

Imgur Imgur

Making Nic Cage ice cubes.

Imgur Imgur

And even putting a face in the battery compartment of his remote control.

Imgur Imgur

Timbo57 writes:

In years to come when he forgets what happened until yet another sneaky Cage is discovered, it is I who will be victorious.

Basically, this is deeply inspiring. Check out the whole album on Imgur – where he has also uploaded another set of photos of his brother’s reaction…

via Daily Dot

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