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Three Nicolas Cage films were on TV last night, so viewers assumed he had died

Thankfully, he’s alive and well.

LAST NIGHT, NOT one, not two, but three Nicolas Cage films were on television. Con Air and The Rock were shown on Watch and Channel 5, respectively, while Lord of War was shown on Channel 5 following The Rock.

The move prompted lots of questions and dilemmas, as well as a renewed appreciation of the man, the myth, the legend that is Nicolas Cage.

First and foremost, people were worried about whether Nicolas Cage was okay. (i.e. alive)

Important decisions had to be made.

Anger was directed at the universe for forcing such a choice.

There was anxiety.

There was, er, excitement.

Experiments were conducted.

And people were reminded of just how good Nicolas Cage truly is.

Glad you’re okay, pal.

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