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QUIZ: Are you a nightmare car passenger?
You’re about to find out.

IT’S HOMETIME AGAIN, which means many people will be hopping in their cars and hitting the road.

If you’re doing your bit for the environment, you may be car pooling with workmates or neighbours, but are you a good passenger?

Take our quiz and find out!

1.  You don’t like the song that’s playing.  Do you…

a)  Immediately change the station or CD loudly exclaiming, ‘EUGH, I hate this song.’

b)  Say nothing and accept that as this is someone else’s car you simply have to accept that person’s music choice.

c)  Ask politely if the driver minds if you change the channel.

2.  Yourself and the driver have both had a long tiring day.  Do you…

a)  Count your lucky stars and snuggle down for a nice nap

b)  Stay awake for as long as you can but allow Mr. Sandman

c)  Offer to be car DJ to keep things fun and lively

3.  Your phone rings.  Do you…

a)  Answer the phone and proceed to have a lengthy, loud conversation about things that are of no interest to the driver

b)  Answer the phone and explain that you can’t talk for long because you’re with someone

c)  Turn the ringer off and call them back when you get home

4.  The driver seems to be in quiet form.  Do you…

a)  Talk at them for the entire journey thinking that you’ll ‘get them out of this humour’

b)  Sulk silently

c)  Talk a little, and then ask them if they’d prefer if you were quiet

5.  You’re too cold.  Do you…

a)  Demand that the driver close their window and crank the heater up to the hightest

b)  Ask politely if the driver would mind closing their window

c)  Put on the extra jumper you brought with you just in case

Image via Flickr/AlishaV

6.  You are carrying a handbag.  Do you…

a)  Throw it on top of the gearstick as you slump into the car

b)  Throw it on the ground, receipts spilling out of it onto the car floor

c)  Keep it carefully on your lap

7.  You stop for some food along the way.  Do you…

a)  Throw your rubbish on the ground and forget all about it

b)  Put your rubbish in a bag which you leave in the car

c)  Tidy all the rubbish up and put it into a bag which you then take with you

8.  You are in a car with electric windows.  Do you…

a)  Say ‘I love these things!’ and spend the journey putting them up and down

b)  Open and close them a few times according to your temperature

c)  Leave them alone

9.  You don’t drive, but know the pedestrian route to your destination.  Do you…

a)  Insist on the driver following your directions before saying, ‘Oh. Sorry,’ when you realise that it’s reliant on a one way street going the wrong direction

b)  Tell the driver of your suggested route and that you think it’s probably the best way

c)  Ask the driver politely if they need any help with directions

10.  You’ve arrived at your destination.  Do you…

a)  Hop out shouting ‘BYEEEEEE…’ while on the phone to a friend, before SLAMMING the door shut

b)  Say thank you and get out of the car, before SLAMMING the door shut

c)  Thank the driver calmly and politely before getting out of the car and closing the door quietly but firmly

Now, let’s see how you did!

If you answered with mostly As…

You are a nightmare.  You need to take a long hard look at yourself in the mirror and reconsider your life.

No one wants you in their car, ever.

If you answered with mostly Bs

You’re an alright passenger.  You could reconsider some of your habits, but most people would probably be fine with having you in their car.

If you answered with mostly Cs

You, my friend, are a dream.  You’re doing everything right.

Don’t ever change.

Safe home from!

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