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The Nokia 3310 is about to make you feel very old


800px-Nokia_3310_blue Source: Wikimedia Commons

REMEMBER THE NOKIA 3310? That trusty brick we all lugged around in the early 2000s?

Well, prepared to feel mighty old, because the iconic phone turned 15 years old this week.

That’s right — if your first phone was a person, it would be sitting its Junior Cert this year.

giphy (18) Source: TheLOLGifs/Tumblr

Even in this age of smartphones, many people still hold a special place in their hearts for the trusty Nokia 3310.

And with good reason…

Er, remember losing your mind playing Snake?

giphy (19)

Snake no doubt made your eyesight worse and probably gave you repetitive strain injury, but damn, your hand-eye coordination was good.

It’s basically the Chuck Norris of phones.

Indestructible. Invincible. Powerful.

Although it can cause significant damage.

It had a strange way of making you feel really popular

And who can forget its frankly superb collection of ringtones?

Source: Maciej Cała/YouTube

Although we are grateful that “Kick” no longer pollutes our earholes.

So, we salute you, Nokia 3310.

nokia Source: Flickr

Even if you make us feel like a dinosaur.

Happy birthday.

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