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Northern Irish people swear more than anyone else on the internet

Yiz dirty b*****ds.

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PEOPLE IN NORTHERN Ireland are the sweariest people on the internet – cursing far more than people in Dublin and just edging out a region of Canada to take the crown.

That’s according to data from Reddit, the giant online community with members all over the world.

It shows internet users north of the Border swear more than six times as much as people in Dublin, and twice as much as people in the UK as a whole.

Redditor Niehaus analysed data from 170 regional subreddits – the individual communities dedicated to local interest – and looked at how much users used curse words ranging from “damn” all the way up to “c**t”.

You can see the full graph here.

Northern Irish people were the most potty-mouthed, following by web users in Winnipeg, Canada and Perth, Australia.

Welsh people were among the least prone to swearing – with only New Yorkers and people from Nevada below them.

And people from Dublin came in at 136th in the rankings, narrowly ahead of Japan.

Last month almost 155 million people from 190 countries visited Reddit. The site has almost 7,000 individual communities active on a daily basis.

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