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11 unique struggles of not being musical

Uptown Funk didn’t give it to you.

THERE ARE SO many people out there that are musically gifted. You probably have that friend who can sing so well, or that other person who can pick up any instrument and just play it.

Then there’s you.

So, for all those people comically lacking in musical talent – this is your time. Your moment to shine:

1. Karaoke is a public humiliation

What you think you look like:

giphy Source: Giphy

What you actually look like:

tumblr_inline_n7watblQOs1sgmxn6 Source: Tumblr

“Go on, it’s great craic! Everyone needs a turn! Nobody cares what you sound like!”

It never ends well for anyone. The backing music can only drown you out so much, and there will come a point when it’s just your voice to a whole room of people. Thumbs down.

2. A large proportion of your friends seem to be musical prodigies

We hear you.

Since when did your group of friends become a hotbed of musical talent? They’re making you look bad with all their damn prowess.

3. You can’t dance to any song, ever

tumblr_losovterVJ1qf7r5lo1_500 Source: Lynnegolodner

It doesn’t matter what song it is, it will have some semblance of rhythm. Your attempts to keep “in time” with said rhythm will end in failure.

4. In fact, you need alcohol to hit the dancefloor

You know you’re a bad dancer. A little liquid courage will get you out there, though.

The only problem is everyone else looks like this:

tumblr_mf8v5mApjf1rvwq31o1_500 Source: Tumblr

While you’re more like this:

tumblr_m06p0dyfl81qko8pwo1_500 Source: Wordpress

You know that specific feeling when you’re on the dancefloor and you genuinely have no idea what your limbs will do next.

You know it too well.

5. Trying to describe a song to someone is heartbreaking

kanyeif Source: Giphy

Just singing them a few lines never, ever works. Re-singing it will only make matters worse.

6. Picking up an instrument in a friend’s house is dangerous

JOHN LENNON'S GUITAR.. Source: ronsaunders47

“Oh, is this your guitar?”

*makes worst sound in the history of music, almost dropping the instrument*

7. Your strong teenage desire to be in a band didn’t match up with your “skills”

tumblr_lwa301ANBj1qmpg90o1_500 Source: Tumblr

Yeah, everyone was forming a band when you were a teenager. It was the cool thing to do. But your complete and utter lack of musical talent meant that you couldn’t be involved.

And introducing yourself as “the manager” just isn’t cool.

8. Singing along to songs at parties is truly horrifying

IMG_9220 Source: furminator

Everything is getting wild and the tunes are blaring. You’re comfortable enough to sing along to that absolute belter that has come one. Why has everything gone quiet just as you start to get into full flow?

9. Rapping in the car is an outrageous embarrassment

If you’re alone you can get away with it, but you’ll still end up looking like this:

If your friends are in the car, though, it’s game over for your reputation. You accidentally get into it and they all realise what an awful singer you are.

10. You were given this instrument in the school orchestra

orchestragif Source: Youtube

You had one job – smashing a big hammer – and you couldn’t even get that right.

11. Going to gigs is a constant source of confusion

“That was a sick guitar solo. Did you see that? Technically so proficient.”

Annoyed_sigh Source: Nocookie

“Yes, it certainly was. He guitars so good.”

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