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Now that it's bagged 12 Oscar nominations, Harvey Weinstein wants to cut the bad language

The King’s Speech is heading back to the edit suite, as Harvey Weinstein plans to try and cut out the bad language. Er, wasn’t that the best part?

Screengrab of Colin Firth in The King's Speech
Screengrab of Colin Firth in The King's Speech

NOW THAT HE has 12 Oscar nominations safely in the bag, producer Harvey Weinstein may head back to the edit suite and make some cuts to The King’s Speech.

The Los Angeles Times reports that Weinstein is looking for ways to “rope in more movie-going commoners who normally wouldn’t go near a historical drama about a British king.”

In essence, his plan will involve heading back to the edit suite to cut out some of the bad language in the movie and make it more palatable for US families – a move that will arguably mean losing some of its best bits.

Weinstein is keen to secure a PG-13 or even a PG rating for the film in US cinemas. It currently has an R, or restricted, rating – which means that under 17s can only watch it with an adult. In Britain the movie was released with a 12-and -over rating, which allowed it to top the box office charts.

It has a 15A rating in Ireland.

Watch the trailer for The King’s Speech (before that gets cut too):

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