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Now you can buy a t-shirt to confirm your Effin heritage

The Limerick parish which hit the headlines when it wasn’t acknowledged by Facebook is trying to cash in on its fame.

NO DOUBT you remember the worldwide infamy and global hysteria that arose when the locals of Effin rose up against the mighty Facebook in protest at the latter’s naming rules.

Specifically, Facebook wouldn’t let the Effin locals declare the area as their hometown – apparently because Facebook believed the placename was “offensive” given its homophonic qualities with the word ‘F-ing’.

This was despite other nearby locales like Nicker, Freemount and Meanus (put a space in there) being cleared for Facebook usage, while Muff in Co Donegal and another Austrian village were both happily accepted.

Ultimately Facebook relented – having always insisted the placename was simply not appropriate because it’s a parish, not a village – and now the locals are celebrating in the way all valiant victories over corporate behemoths: by selling t-shirts.

The locals have spotted that there’s a bit of Effin money to be made from their fame, and have set up an EffinIreland.com online shop to let people get a bit of Effin magic for themselves.

The website’s Roisin Keogh explains: “Everyone wants a bit of Effin fun in their lives. We’re the people to give it to them.”

Ann Marie Kennedy, the woman whose crusade kicked off the whole worldwide publicity blitz, described the shop as a “great Effin idea”.

€1.50 from each shirt will be donated to the Effin Community Development Association, with Keown suggesting that any chance to raise some Effin cash for the Effin community could only be a good Effin thing.

Fair Effin play to them.

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