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nun nappers

Reward offered for return of suggestive 'Sister Mary' scarecrow

It’s entirely innocent.

WE DON’T KNOW why anyone would want to rob this scarecrow, but they have.

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A reward is being offered for the safe return of the prize-winning Sister Mary scarecrow… cupcakes. The scarecrow won second prize at the scarecrow competition in Nottinghamshire, England, over the weekend. The scarecrow is also refered to as Cupcake, Vicar? which is even scarier. Creator Julia Cons said the nun was last seen with her feet hanging out of a car, and is suspected to have been nabbed on Monday night. She told the BBC that she would ‘like her back’ and is willing to give cupcakes to anyone with information.

I couldn’t believe somebody has stolen her but I’m trying to keep some perspective on it. We are happy to ask no questions if she was to reappear in the empty space where she disappeared from.

Alright, steady on.

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