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The Nutella pizza is now a thing and you can get them in Ireland

It’s a brave new world.

PIZZA IS MOVING on in Ireland into strange, exciting territories.

When Twitter user Gareth Soyespotted this creation in Wicklow yesterday, Ireland was intrigued:

Marshmallows and crushed Oreos are your toppings, and it comes in both 7″ and 12″ varieties. Hmmm.

But it turns out that the Nutella pizza has recently started to infiltrate other establishments as well. Just look

nutty Source: Instagram

Here, at Ruby’s in Swords, is another one.

What is the base like? Is it served like a warm dessert? So many questions.

The Nutella pizza has also been spotted elsewhere in Wicklow

nutty3 Source: Instagram

There’s also talk that the unique pizza has been made in Fast Al’s in Cork, but no photographic evidence appears to exist yet.

What a brave new pizza world we live in.

Have you tried the Nutella pizza anywhere in Ireland? Was it delish? Let us know where you had it in the comments. 

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