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Nutshell review: Body Electric

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THE ABSOLUT FRINGE 2011 has over 100 shows playing out across Dublin until 25 September. Each day, TheJournal.ie will bring you our readers’ reviews of the pick of the crop and everything in between. You’ll get the chance to get in on the act yourself with our daily reader review tickets giveaway!

Today’s review:

Body Electric

(The Collective Theatre Company/Revolting Bodies Theatre Company)

Johnny Furlong’s review: Overall this was a show that completely floored me.

Joy and fear and the effect these emotions have on our body are the central theme in the Body Electric show exploring the human body and mind. In this sensory-stimulating show the 30 audience members were brought on a walking tour through the dimly lit rooms of Block T in Smithfield by the four performers, stopping at various stages to explore the human body.

From a sedate seated desk job to fierce boxing match to water submersion we were brought on an intensifying tour of the body and mind, which was often humorous and always thought provoking. The show in its blurb promised to be Heart Beating, Blood Pumping, Lungs Filling with Air, and through the engaging intimacy of the show it didn’t fail.

The climax of the show exploring suicide and death was as intense and thought-provoking as the rest of the show, and for obvious reason the Body Electric cast had asked the audience to Join us, but don’t join In (For Insurance Purposes), as mass suicide is never good for repeat attendance of shows. But getting audience members to faint isn’t all bad, and it must of been a Heart Beating & Blood Pumping experience for the cast as two of the audience became overwhelmed and fainted, and there was a quick break and a glass of water before the lights were switched off once again to conclude the show. If we were not already standing I’m sure they audience would of raised to their feet for a standing ovation.

Overall it was a brilliantly acted joyous and intense experience, a great way to spend 60 minutes, but some advice from a novice theatre critic: make sure you get a pre-theatre meal beforehand, so you too don’t faint as I did. It’s quite embarrassing.

In three words? Exhilarating. Engaging. Awesome.

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