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ABSOLUT Fringe 2011

Nutshell review: Our Father

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THE ABSOLUT FRINGE 2011 has over 100 shows playing out across Dublin until 25 September. Each day, will bring you our readers’ reviews of the pick of the crop and everything in between. You’ll get the chance to get in on the act yourself with our daily reader review tickets giveaway!

Today’s review:

Our Father

(With an ‘F’ Productions)

Hugh Cardiff’s review: A contemporary Irish tale of fragmented families, told in rhyme and rap. Three intertwined monologues tell the story: Ellie tells how her father walked out when she was a baby,  finds out she has a step-sister and wonders “how you got to keep him”;  we hear about Ellie’s father’s decision to  leave his family and boring married life for a Galway girl of 16, England and an English accent which was the height of attraction. And that’s only for starters!

The writing is fast and (at times) furious, and has a confessional feel to it. The rhythm picks me up,  Ellie (Stephanie Preissner) explains, “I rhyme to fill the silence”, and in this piece the rhythm drives the narrative forward, with little space for silence or reflection.

A bodhrán and spoons could  make a more subtle accompaniment than the (at times) harsh drum kit, and some softer lighting and props could elevate this piece further.  Well worth seeing.

In three words? Fresh. Witty. Original.

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