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ABSOLUT Fringe 2011

Nutshell review: TwentyTen

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Today’s review:

Twenty Ten

(THEATREClub, marathon session tomorrow at 11am at Project Arts Theatre)

Nora McGovern’s review: This performance is all about us – me and you. It looks at ordinary peoples lives in the year 2010 when lots happened that sometimes shook us, delighted us and shocked us. The five characters in Twenty Ten talk about our lives through dialogue conveying the different things people of Ireland learned in 2010.

There is lots covered, as the makers behind this project got citizens to email them about ‘What I learned Today’. We look at love, loss, money, sex, making hard decisions, complaining about bad hair, uncertainty, animals, politics, kissing.. There is nothing that isn’t covered in this performance.

Having come to watch this performance not knowing what to expect, I left feeling very reflective and realising that many people go through many problems/difficulties all at the same time. There is repetition in people’s lives, exhibited well by large claps.

This is a clever project. Well done.

In three words? Realistic. Thoughtful. Clever.

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