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12 of the quickest reactions to Barack Obama joining Twitter

Welcome to Twitter POTUS.

BARACK OBAMA JOINED Twitter, for real this time.

After six years, Obama has finally been given his own Twitter account. While he sometimes tweets from @BarackObama, it’s mostly the work of his staff and campaign team.

He already has 685k followers after just three hours on the site.

Of course, Twitter was all over this new development, welcoming him with open arms… and plenty of jokes.

1. The first tweet that never was


3. The Sims made the dream come true

4. But WHY did he get a new Twitter?


6. There were some suggestions

7. Anyway, why did it take so long?

8. Maybe they didn’t trust him not to screw it up

9. Or answer questions like this

10. He might have a plan, though

11. Maybe he just wanted to be one of the lads

12. One thing is certain