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12 things any girl who was obsessed with The Olsen Twins knows to be true

The gals <3

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FOR GIRLS OF a certain age, The Olsen Twins were iconic.

You loved them and you wanted to be them.

1. First of all, they were your style icons

If Mary-Kate and Ashley wear baby pink boleros and butterfly clips, I will wear baby pink boleros and butterfly clips.

dak Source: YouTube

2. You identified with one more than the other

If you were a bit bold or tomboyish, you likely identified with Mary-Kate. If you were studious, meanwhile, you were probably more of an Ashley.

3. But you still wished you had a twin of your own

Oh, the dastardly deeds you could get up to.


4. You absolutely lived for mid-term breaks when Nickelodeon could be depended upon to screen some of their films

It Takes Two, Passport to Paris, Winning London — you watched them all a million times and couldn’t get enough of them.

giphy (2) Source: 90s90s90s/Tumblr

5. And you absolutely hounded your Mam to buy you these in the supermarker

You couldn’t walk through the supermarket or Golden Discs without tugging at your Mam’s sleeve and begging her to buy you one. “PLEASE, MAM. I JUST NEED HOLIDAY IN THE SUN AND MY COLLECTION WILL BE COMPLETE.”

da Source: eBay

6. Two of a Kind was far too short-lived in your opinion

It had everything any tween girl could want from a show — twin high jinks, questionable fashion and first kisses.

two-of-a-kind-two-of-a-kind-35764339-495-594 Source: Fanpop

And who among us can forge the palpable sexual tension between Widower Dad Kevin and Fun Babysitter Carrie? (If you have forgotten, their love has been memorialised in the form of a YouTube clip compilation.)

ad Source: amy

7. When you grew out of Two of a Kind, you moved on to So Little Time

So Little Time may didn’t feature as much good old-fashioned messing as Two of a Kind — they were far too mature for that, you see — but you still watched it for their fabulous chokers and quality dialogue like this:

anigif_original-grid-image-3223-1431562885-17 Source: Buzzfeed

8. Also, the theme song to So Little Time has been stuck in your head for literal years now

“So little time, so much to do/I’d rather spend my days with you”

Why is it that you can remember the lyrics to the So Little Time theme song, but you can’t remember your PPS number? Thanks a lot, brain.

9. Their movies gave you very unreasonable expectations

In Mary-Kate and Ashley movies, riding around Paris on the back of a Vespa with a French young fella when you’re 13 years old is perfectly reasonable/cause for no concern.

In real life, Interpol would declare you missing and your face would be plastered all over Sky News.


10. You *pride* yourself on still being able to tell them apart

In fact, it’s listed as a skill on your LinkedIn.

giphy (5) Source: barbsandcara-helps/Tumblr

11. And you still can’t help but be interested in their lives


mk Source: Page Six

12. Because you’ll always worship them a tiny bit


giphy (6) Source: Giphy

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