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16 St Patrick's Day t-shirts that will make you question humanity

“Irish car bombs make my clothes fall off!” – nobody Irish, ever

1. This charming opener

Source: eBay

2. This unfortunate misunderstanding

Source: Amazon

3. This clever wordplay

Source: bulbagarden.net

Because that’s what actual car bombs do! Like, the ones that killed lots of people. In Ireland.

4. This tasteful maternity garment

Source: Amazon

5. This hilarious deconstruction of Irish ster- oh, wait

Source: Amazon

6. This old favourite

Source: Amazon

7. This inexplicable insult

Source: Etsy

8. This dire warning of things to come

Source: Zazzle

9. This monument to overcrowded Saturday-night emergency wards

Source: Funnyirishtshirts

10. This clever pun

Source: 8ball

11. This baffling misspelling

Source: Funnyirishtshirts

12. This ‘air quotes’ failure

Source: Shirts.com

13. This kids’ t-shirt, with free ticket to years of therapy

Source: Zazzle

14. This gas reference to The Troubles

Source: Funnyirishtshirts

15. This nonsense

Source: Zazzle

16. And this deeply, deeply offensive pun

Source: Zazzle


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