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This brilliant office Slip 'n Slide is going super viral


THIS BRISBANE OFFICE Slip ‘n Slide has gone viral over the weekend, and we can see why.

Redditor travelator posted the photo which was taken during the company’s Christmas party, clearly showing a damn giant sudsy slide taking taking over a row of office cubicles. 9 News posted the photo on Facebook, and it currently stands at over 90,000 likes.

g9z5DzX Source: Imgur


Travelator told 9 News that the slide is an office tradition.

I work for a large multinational company headquartered in Brisbane and we do this every year! The slide is about 60m long and it’s a tradition that really brings everyone together just before Xmas.

We usually go with a Kris Kindle, but this is an option too.

The company in question is the Flight Centre’s head office and has been running the Slip n’ Slide for six years now. Video footage was uploaded last year.

Source: Tim Watts/YouTube

Travelator went on to say, “It’s things like this that make you feel like you’re being rewarded for a years’ worth of hard work”.

Forget salaries, forget bonuses. This is all we need.

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