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7 times when it is perfectly acceptable to cancel your plans

Sometimes cancelled plans are the best plans.

LET’S FACE IT, the Christmas season is exhausting.

From work to shopping on your lunch break to parties and crawling into the office the next morning, we all need a break. Saying no is a little easier in theory than reality, but here are 7 reasons that make cancelling a no-brainer.

1. You’ve got the flu

When the cold has gotten the better of you and you start to resemble Rudolph the red nosed reindeer, it is perfectly acceptable to hibernate.

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2. When your plans are not practical

No, it does not make sense for you to travel ten miles in the opposite direction of your house after work to say hello to everyone, have one drink and leave. Cancel.

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3. When you said yes in the heat of the moment

Agreeing to meet that guy/girl from the bar seemed like a great idea after three cocktails last weekend but now…not so much. Cancel. Go home and feed your cats, get a takeaway and enjoy the non-guilt of staying in.

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4. You’re already in bed

You came home from work, got under the covers for a disco nap and are already snuggled up. Has your brain started to ponder takeaway options yet? Consider those plans already cancelled.

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5. When they aren’t going anymore  

Everyone does it but nobody admits to it. We agree to go to things despite being exhausted or broke, because we know that person we have our eye on will be there too. SO, if they cancel then you are perfectly within your rights to deem that party useless.

6. When your suggestion was really an empty gesture

At no point did you expect that long lost friend you ran into in the supermarket to say yes and actually arrange a coffee date. Empty gestures are a dangerous game.

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7. When the festivities started to catch up on you

When you are struggling to form sentences and the idea of holding a conversation seems more daunting than your Leaving Cert French oral, it’s time to take a break. Quit while you’re ahead.

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