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18 old Irish baby names that need to make a comeback

All the little people used to be called these way back in the day.

BABY NAMES CAN be the source of much debate among prospective parents – and that’s the way it should be.

So, with that in mind, here are some really old Irish names that have fallen off the radar and could do with a return to prominence.

None of them appear on the Top 400 baby names currently in Ireland – which is a crying shame:

1. Síomha

Cheesy Reese Source: donnierayjones

This girls’ name has a proper ancient Gaelic background and it means peace-good. There are some names like it getting popular in Ireland now – and this is getting no love.

2. Aurnia

Toddler Tunnel Source: Theodore Scott

Meaning golden lady as Gaelige. It really is such a nice name.

3. Dagda

Techno Delight Source: Graniers

Meaning good god in ancient Celtic language, this boys’ name stretches all the way back to the ancient clans. And it’s a nice name too (and isn’t that hard to spell compared to others).

4. Íde

Toddler Toes. Source: sleepyjeanie

Ita is the English translation – but this is much cooler.

5. Proinsias

Jump Source: carianoff

You see this about in some places, but it needs to make a comeback into the mainstream. For uniqueness sake alone.

6. Bébinn

Laughing Toddler Source: katie.thomas0214

A goddess in ancient Celtic folklore, this name is coolness personified.

7. Ardgal

Rock Inspection Source: makelessnoise

An old Irish boys name from Irish mythology.

8. Comyna

Exhausted toddler Source: quinn.anya

And the boys’ version, Comyn, isn’t a bad idea either.

9. Bradán

Toddler with ball Source: angliacounsel

No more Brad. This is much better and seriously old school.

10. Iúile

Baby Julian, In A Toddler Travelling Suit Source: kellyhogaboom

Again, so much more Irish that Julie. Still, it might be a tough one to explain to the Starbucks person.

11. Séarlas

Udo's 1st shave Source: juhansonin

Charles is an alright name and all, but Séarlas beats it every day of the week.

12. Cadán

Zonked Source: russteaches

This name has its origins in the Celtic language, but is nowhere to be seen today. Why not? Just look at it! Rolls off the toungue.

13. Étaín

toddler with plant Source: kbowenwriter

Still about a bit today, but this girl’s name could do with a boost in popularity. Nowhere to be seen in the top 200 girl names in the country. For shame.

14. Cairbre

Toddler Pizza Source: quinn.anya

This boys name was extremely popular in medieval Ireland. It’s due a return to prominence.

15. Mallaidh

Untitled Source: thejbird

I think we can all agree that this beats Molly hands down (although the spelling might be an issue for the baby’s whole life)

16. Nainsí

Erina-25 Source: dustinj

An Irish twist on a classic name that’s dying out. Turn Nancy into Nainsí and make it an instantly quality selection.

17. Cillín

My Awesome Lil' Cousin Source: Rob Ellis'

This means “little warrior” in old Celtic terms, and is a nice twist on the uber-popular Cillian.

18. Sláine

toddler with dandelion Source: leann_b

This name for girls might get mixed up with Sláinte a little too much for your liking, but it looks and sounds beautiful – as well as meaning health in the old Celtic language.

Any names we have missed? Irish names that have been forgotten but need to be sprung back into the limelight? Let us know in the comments. 

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