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14 memories anyone who grew up with the Omni shopping centre will recognise


1. As Dublin shopping centres go, the Omni always had a pretty sleek entrance out on the Swords Road

332062_d7b1b17f Source: Geograph

2. But everyone always went in the grittier back entrance instead because it was handier

omni3 Source: Google Maps

3. Veteran fans of The Omni will remember Crazy Prices being replaced by Tesco

atari4 Source: Twitter

4. But the standout memory is always that the traffic management in the car park was nothing short of farcical

omni Source: Google

A black hole that, once you enter, could take hours to leave.

5. There was the Atari Expo outside that literally provided every service known to man

atari Source: Google Maps




6. But it was inside that the wonders of Vero Moda, Penneys and Golden Discs existed for your shopping pleasure

Alone in a shopping centre.

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7. It was a wonderful, comforting home away from home for DCU students

434402104_534eef26da Source: Boards

Mostly for Tesco Value cans.

8. Which always explained the bustling atmosphere in the cinema during random weekday afternoons

atari2 Source: Google Maps

9. And a trip to the Omniplex would invariably go hand-in-hand with a visit to Eddie Rocket’s

Sure why not.

10. The McDonald’s would keep their drive-thru open later than the actual restaurant – which was not ideal if you didn’t have a car

friesd Source: Twitter

Late night cinema trips for DCU students were not accounted for by McD’s.

11. And the upstairs in Burger King was always temporarily closed for some reason

omni2 Source: Google Maps

12. The Omni was known for its own particular brand of Z-list celeb appearances

13. The little 103 bus seemed to be specifically designed to do laps around Santry to drop people to the Omni

atari3 Source: Google Maps

A fine, tiny little bus.

14. And finally… there was something oddly relaxing about sitting by the fountain

P1000028 Source: BlogSpot

Nothing else to do? Ah, sure just chill at the fountain.

Good times.

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