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Justin Bieber/Instagram "Gettin better listening to Janice Joplin". You might get better quicker if you put on a top. Tut.
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The Dredge: What does Justin Bieber listen to in hospital?
And why was he in hospital in the first place? That, and the rest of the celeb duuuurt, right here.

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#JUSTIN JOPLIN He’s only bloody listening to Janice Joplin!

I guess we can thank him for introducing a generation of Beliebers to the music of The Jops.

But sure lookit, we haven’t even mentioned the fact that he was in hospital last night.

The Biebs was performing at the O2 in London when he collapsed with “breathing difficulties”. He went back on stage to finish the show, but went straight to hospital afterwards to get checked out. (Daily Mail)

His manager came out to explain the situation to the screaming hordes:


#HELLS KELLS Kelly Osbourne has also ended up in hospital after suffering a seizure on the set of Fashion Police.

According to TMZ she fell off a chair after saying the didn’t feel well, and began to shake.

She came to shortly afterwards, but was brought to hospital to be checked out.


Get well soon Kelly. You’re our favourite one.

John Shearer/AP/Press Association Images

#LITTLE TIGER SNOOZE There’s a new trailer for the Hangover III.

Bradley Cooper’s in it, but we’re not sure if we’re interested if the luminous Jennifer Lawrence isn’t by his side.

Sure, we’ll give it a go…


Yep, that’ll do. Apart from the giraffe bit… we didn’t like that.

And the rest of the day’s celebrity dirt

  • Niall Horan is recording with Danny and Tom from McFly. Hmmm (Twitter)
  • Rob Kardashian, have you seen any of those pies that have been lying around? (TMZ)
  • Demi Moore‘s divorce papers have been revealed, and she wants Ashton Kutcher to pay for cheating on her. Hell hath no fury… (Radar)
  • Brangelina‘s wine sold out in five hours. (Oh great, now we want wine, pre-9am) (People)
  • Ronan Keating has a film out apparently. We’re going to need to look into this further (Twitter)

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