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How a campaign to ban One Direction fans from Twitter backfired

Badly, on the person who started it.

One Direction fans, probably tweeting.
One Direction fans, probably tweeting.
Image: Doug Peters/EMPICS Entertainment

ONE DIRECTION FANS are some of Twitter’s most vocal users.

They trend bizarre hashtags, they say nasty things about their idols’ girlfriends, and they stage running battles with Beliebers.

Oh, and there are so many of them, they pretty much dominate the social platform whenever they want to.

Well, some people are sick and tired of it. Today, the hashtag #BanOneDirectionFansFromTwitter was started, and quickly picked up steam.

It even came to Ireland:

However, One Direction fans are fighting back – by targeting the trend’s unsavoury source.

The trend was started by Hunter Moore, a US personality who made his name with a site called Is Anyone Up – a collection of sometimes-explicit photos which was frequently accused of publishing nude images without the consent of their subject.

Is Anyone Up was shut down last year, but Moore has remained an obnoxious presence on Twitter ever since.

And now, One Direction fans have done what others couldn't: forced him to close his Twitter down.

@Huntermoore is now gone, and the still-active account for Is Anyone Up tweeted this afternoon...

... and explained that he had been forced to quit Twitter - albeit temporarily - over the abuse from Directioners.

So basically, One Direction fans forced an unpleasant young semi-celebrity to sit down and shut up. Is this the best thing Directioners have ever done? It just might be.

As a little epilogue, Directioners are now running the trend themselves:

Nice work.

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