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11 truly devastating online reviews

Because people need to vent in an entertaining way.

WHEN YOU HAVE had the worst ever customer experience, the most satisfying thing to do is give a truly awful review online.

And these people are the masters:

1. The sheer bemusement of this situation

Mister Softee Ice Cream Truck Source: Ezra.Wolfe

tacosanto Source: Yelp

2. So much sarcasm for this Star Wars jacket

1538_2_ Source: Museumreplicas

variety2 Source: Amazon

3. And when Amazon tell you that you are saving money

sarcasm Source: Imgur

4. When you purchase boxer shorts, you will need to review them immediately in the most sarcastic tone possible

sarcasm2 Source: Amazon

5. When the mash is “fierce soapy” the world needs to know


6. The blueberry muffin was a supreme letdown

Detail + anger = quality review.

7. When the variety pack of condoms doesn’t live up to its name

21_zps284d4126 Source: Photobucket

sarcasm3 Source: Amazon

8. When washing machines need to be called out

merrick Source: @janemerrick23

9. The most defeatist review of all time still found time ro rip on the product

jBJseIh Source: Imgur

10. Staff must be full of craic, or you will hear about it

minuscraic Source: TripAdvisor

11. And finally… when you are forced to call out other reviewers on their nonsense, you know you have had enough

truckstop Source: Imgur


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