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13 things that could only happen at the Ploughing Championships

Wellies! Wellies everywhere!

EVERYONE, BUT EVERYONE is at the Ploughing Championships. Some 200,000 people are expected to attend over the next three days.

And lots of people are gutted that they’re missing out on this national institution. With that in mind, we present a guide to the stuff that really couldn’t happen anywhere else.

1. This perfect vista of the Irish countryside

2. Four-hour traffic queues for rush hour in Ratheniska, Co Laois

3. (And Donal Skehan being forced to ditch his car and walk.)


4. The guards officially declaring a Grand Soft Day

5. People being asked to display this information, presumably for time-saving purposes

6. And not everyone being happy about it

7. Ivan Yates getting a ‘semen demo’

8. This entire hen party arriving in hard hats.

And spending the day giving delighted-looking farmers a smooch.

9. An actual, literal pair of golden wellies

10. Uniformed gardaí eating bugs

11. Anne Doyle being nominated for #hotchickswithbanjos

In a rather fetching tweed number, we might add.

12. A cow with her own Twitter account

13. And this irresistible pickup line.

Incidentally, our thoughts are with this guy.

(No, he’s not actually at the ploughing. It’s a joke. Sorry.)

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