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Oprah Magazine told women to avoid crop tops -- and women rebelled in the best way

#RockTheCrop is taking over.

A FEW DAYS ago, Tamar Anitati noticed a little piece in Oprah Magazine advising readers against wearing crop tops unless they had flat stomachs.

Appalled, Anitai posted the excerpt on her Instagram and admonished the magazine for engaging in “body shaming”.

Surprised to see this level of #bodyshaming ( Source: tamaranitai

Part of health is self-esteem and that’s intrinsically connected to body image. Stop telling women what they CAN’T wear.

And from there, the hashtag #rockthecrop was born.

Women have been posting selfies of themselves wearing crop tops and owning it.


You can’t tell anyone what to do, Oprah.

This Twitter user even created a helpful two-step guide to “rocking a crop”.


In a statement issued to Buzzfeed News, Oprah Magazine apologised for the unfortunate wording.

We support, encourage and empower all women to look great, feel confident and live their best lives – in this case, we could have expressed it better. We appreciate the feedback and will be more mindful going forward.

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