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9 signs people are overreacting to the 'bit of sun'

Yep, the sun is out in these parts.

AH LOVELY WEATHER we’re having. Bit of sun (with regular rain intervals) and we’re all dashing for the door.

But don’t be fooled, things are, predictably, set to take a nosedive this afternoon. We just can’t help getting a bit ahead of ourselves when we see that yellow glow in the sky.

1. You can’t get a seat outside the cafe

Everyone’s having coffee or lunch al fresco… and they don’t even smoke.

If it’s particularly sunny, you might even switch to an iced coffee instead of your usual. Madzer!

DUBLIN ON A SUNNY SUNDAY Source: infomatique

As for ice cream and other summer-related foods? TOO SOON.


2. Everyone’s more thirsty than usual

The thought of getting a bag of cans after work has crossed your mind, however fleetingly.


sun4 Source: infomatique

3. Some eejit is wearing shorts

Ah now, less of that. We’ll accept women leaving the tights at home but shorts are inexcusable unless you’re out for a run.

sun6 Source: infomatique

4. There are less layers around, in general

You’ll start to notice a few people leaving the hat, scarf, coat and gloves at home. Slowly, slowly but surely.




Notice the regret on their icy faces as soon as the wind starts cutting through them on the trek home.


5. People are posting weather phone shots

A positively balmy afternoon. Take THAT Australian emigrant friends.


6. The beach isn’t deserted

Extreme notions might drive someone to head to the beach for a nice fresh walk. Usually only the most Vitamin D deprived are driven to such insanity.


Be prepared, though.

- Imgflip

7. Sunglasses are coming out again

There is nothing that can quite make you feel like a dope as much as wearing sunglasses on a rainy or freezing day. It’s BRIGHT ok?

sun3 Source: nickharris1

8. People think they’re actually ‘getting’ a bit of sun


sun1 Source: infomatique

In fairness, being forced to sit at a window on a stuffy bus after dressing for a baltic day can be easily simulated by eating jalapeños in a fiery inferno.


9. SPRING? Is that you?

It’s been here a whole month but it’s terribly shy



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