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This Dublin bar's wifi password is absolutely perfect

Oh Oscars, never change.

OSCARS CAFE BAR are known for being a bunch of messers, but they’ve truly outdone themselves with this amazing wifi password.

B8C8L0mIgAAQF36 Source: deirdremtreacy


What’s more, it seems it’s not the first time they’ve been having a laugh via their passwords. Imagine asking for either of these?

10394787_856994484332391_2958850266099230096_n Source: Oscarscafebar

10603561_854424887922684_1136220820902640790_n Source: Oscarscafebar

Not to worry, it’s no good anyway.

10312495_886137614751411_7461415818108648159_n Source: Oscarscafebar

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