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11 people who are definitely over their stupid ex

Well, they say they are.

THE BREAKUP MIGHT have been tough, but these people have handled it really well.

For the most part, anyway:

1. Like this woman who photoshopped in celebrity heads to replace her ex boyfriends

kaitlinkelly Source: KaitlinKelly/MTV

Why waste the good memories? Excellent work, and a fine choice of celebs too.

2. The person who posted this online, with the heading “I found the temperature controls for my ex’s heart”

QHA2T7O Source: Imgur


3. Changing the contact picture on your phone to this

veruca Source: Imgur

Never forget.

4. The woman who made this cake

hTq03CN Source: Imgur

5. This person clearly didn’t mind moving in next to their ex, but erected this statue to let them know what the story is

bitter Source: Imgur

6. Selling off an expensive piece of jewellery with this note

2mj62mO Source: Imgur

7. Hitting them where it hearts – right in the Netflix

7hyZB Source: Imgur

8. Having this made

p8DwJDA Source: Imgur

Embroidery? Fancy.

9. This guy who put himself into all the pictures of him and his ex

mtYop7Q Source: Imgur

Eh, cool?

10. Your memories of a trip to Mexico now look like this

tijuana Source: Imgur

11. And changing number plates to this might be a little too far

nDFPzM4 Source: Imgur

Although, there’s no denying she probably IS over him.

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