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QUIZ: Are you a natural-born leader?

From push-over to bossy boots, find out with our quiz.

BEING A GOOD leader requires a mix of personality traits.

You need to be focused and organised – but also approachable and empathetic. You have to be firm but sound, basically. It’s a tight-rope.

A sparkly LEADERSHIP tight-rope.

1. In your gang of friends, who organises nights out or trips away the most?

A. Me, the rest of them are lazy feckers

B. Mostly me, but sometimes I wish the others wouldn’t rely on me so much

C. Nah, not me, let them at it

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2. In a work scenario, do you stick up for others if you feel they are being treated unfairly or is that their own business?

A. Nope, the boss is the boss. Not my place

B. I would if I thought it needed to be said

C. I keep my head down in work mostly

3. In romantic relationships, does your partner often complain that you need to “get your own way”?

A. Yep – and they’re dead right!

B. No – and I’d hate if they said that!

C. No – I’m really more of a pushover, to be honest!

4. Where do you come in your family’s order?

A. Oldest/Only child

B. Youngest

C. Middle

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5. Do you think being bossy is necessarily a bad thing – or sometimes required to get things done?

A. Nope, I take it as a compliment – means I get stuff done

B. Depends on who says it!

C. God, no – “bossy” means “being a pain” in my book

6. How does public speaking make you feel?

A. Public speaking? Well, I AM always getting told to keep my voice down

B. Grand!

C. Never tried it, really

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Mostly As: Whoa. You’re a leader alright – but maybe a little OVER-assertive. Take your hands off the reins once in a while, will you? Your friends and colleagues might appreciate a less rigid approach. Although, that said, we bet you’re used to winning and getting results.

Mostly Bs: You’re the perfect kind of natural-born leader – you know when you direct people, but you can also gauge when to leave them alone. Good on you. Lead those teams!

Mostly Cs: Don’t you ever tire of being called a pushover? Come on, stand up for yourself once in a while. Try organising a night out this weekend – you might be surprised by liking being in charge.

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