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The 9 emotions we will all experience this Pancake Tuesday
Life is a rollercoaster, just gotta ride it.

IT’S THE MOST, wonderful tiiiiiime, of the yeaaaaar.

Yes, Pancake Tuesday. The day we can eat as much beige batter as we please, and no one can judge. Just prepare ahead for the rollercoaster of emotions.

1. Anticipation

Unless you’re lucky enough to have a Pancake breakfast or lunch, chances are you’ll be sitting in work or college all day just dreaming of that pile of fluffy deliciousness.


2. Frustration

IS IT NOT FIVE O’CLOCK YET? Keep refreshing those Instagram pancake posts, that’ll help.

homer simpson drooling by dondrug-d6h081a

3. Elation

Get home. NAIL that perfect flip.


Butter those circles of golden deliciousness.


4. Pure bliss

You did it. Check out that stack.


5. Indecision

What should you put on it? Maple syrup? Nutella? Bananas? The classic lemon, sugar and butter? Jesus Christ, you didn’t sign up for this responsibility.


6. Apprehension

Should you really have that sixth one? Should you even bother with dinner now?


7. Stress

Oh you’ve had it. Oh well.


8. Soul-crushing guilt

Or maybe that’s just the weight of the pancake pushing against it.


9. Contentment

We all know that Pancake Tuesday calories don’t count. Nurse that food baby with pride.


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