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14 panoramic photos that went terribly, terribly wrong

More like panoramaaaAAARGH.

THE PANORAMA FUNCTION on your camera is pretty cool. Right?

It can look like this.

Montreal holiday panorama. Source: Jazmin Million

Wrong. It can give birth to these disasters.

1. This terrifying tubular cat

cy8hgbO Source: lukeallen1

2. Catipede has infested your home

ykYkWna Source: TrevorCassiday


BusZC7HCMAE7zQP Source: PanoramaFails

4. He’ll punch you with his neck fist

fgWubfx Source: mcphadenmike

5. This lil dog just wants to be free

dSPDHmB Source: Imgur

6. As does this one

BlaSBIc Source: Imgur

7. Sneaky cat is sneaky

BlG-LM0IgAExTK8 Source: PanoramaFails

8. A unique horse-giraffe hybrid, spotted in the wild

hzvOiMY Source: Imgur

9. Baby (lone arm) you can drive my car

n4iGA0C Source: Imgur

10. She’s worth it

PZXhbtx Source: Imgur

11. Jelly legs, a reality

Borzn4yIcAAfaQ2 Source: PanoramaFails

12. We don’t even know

BYyLXXyIIAAZau2 Source: knuckztve

13. We’d get that checked out

wW9599f Source: Imgur

14. And finally, never attempt to smile mid-panorama

2YaCmzP Source: Imgur


usUu3ug Source: Imgur

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