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15 amazingly innovative parenting tips you never knew you needed

Internet 1, Supernanny 0.

BEING A PARENT is tough work. Luckily, the internet is here to help you with some savvy tips. What could possibly go wrong?

1. Know what’s important, and use it to your advantage


2. If you’re going to get them out of bed, you need to get creative


… and maybe even slightly evil.

Source: MrJibaku/YouTube

3. Why baby-proof the house when you can use a paddling pool for the best playpen EVER?

5lhwnYm Source: Imgur

4. Avoid bedtime arguments by building them one they’ll never want to leave

What kid wouldn’t want to sleep in a terrifying dinosaur’s jagged-teethed mouth?

BDC7E Source: Imgur

5. On that note, decorations are important for building identity

BPiGz9q Source: Imgur

6. Always plan ahead

h8RHT Source: Imgur

7. Teach them lessons they’ll remember

Vj2QBPp Source: Imgur

8. Keep reminders for them of things they mightn’t remember

BUj9e7U Source: Imgur

9. Instil the importance of not being a dope on social media in them from an early age

tumblr_mhs2egqBTo1rukazyo1_1280 Source: Raja9099

10. Let them be whatever they want, and help make it happen

6sLwx Source: Imgur

ledrun Source: Visual Burrito

dadvader Source: Imgur

11. Encourage them to have well-rounded music taste

But if that fails, go with it anyway.

5bn07 Source: Imgur

12. Make absolute certain that monsters won’t eat them at night

anti-monster-spray Source: Kindnessblog

13. Or that they don’t feel alone

NIYf55V Source: Imgur

14. Build them a damn luge slope in the garden

Source: Jay Venini/YouTube

15. But don’t be TOO available

moth_door_dad_dead_text_message Source: ThinkinSmile

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