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11 people who just found out there's a baby on the way

Our hearts.

EVERYTHING IS FILMED these days, including finding out there’s soon to be the thunder of tiny feet.

The internet is teeming with some of the best reactions, like…

1. The straight up shocked face

ohmygosh Source: Youtube

Standard. And brilliant.

2. When everyone finds out on camera, including the mother

reaction22 Source: Youtube

3. Surprising Grandad with a soother in a box

grandpa Source: Youtube

Seriously, it’s too much:

grandpa2 Source: Youtube

4. And when these girls found out they are going to be older sisters

hysteria Source: Youtube

5. That look of denial

noooo Source: Youtube

“No. No.”

Source: Amy Cropper/YouTube


really Source: Youtube

7. The smallest, cutest shoes that have ever existed

littleshoes Source: Youtube

No better way to let him know.

8. That look of bemusement

reaction33 Source: Youtube

Which gets a little emotional after some time:

Source: Megan Masters/YouTube

9. The fake group photo trick

pregnant Source: Youtube

The perfect distraction and way to get all of their reactions on camera.

10. When Grandmothers just can’t handle the news

grandma2 Source: Youtube

11. And Grandads that play it cool when everyone else is in the room

jumparound2 Source: Youtube

And then lose it when left alone.

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