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11 shocking realisations of moving back in with your parents

All changed, changed utterly.

THERE IS TALK and statistics everywhere now saying that loads of young Irish people are being forced to move back in with their parents to save some cash.

They’ve been out into the world and lived on their own, and now they’re back to the nest. And there are so many shocks to the system:

1. You get asked more questions per day than ever before in your life

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Even basic questions from your mam will drive you to the point of a breakdown. Remember those days when you lived alone, and this never happened?

2. It’s nothing like when you came home for a visit before

5404979250_e0c901aef3_b You, home from college. flickr flickr

Any time you came home for a short visit, you were treated like royalty. That’s gone now, you live there all the time. You’re just another member of the household.

3. You forgot what it was like to live with siblings

bartlisa Tumblr Tumblr

They’re sound and all, but living with them 24/7 is a whole different game.

4. But you also forgot what it was like to have actual name brands

QV 4 Roll White 3D Beautycouture Beautycouture

And good quality toilet paper is in ridiculously plentiful supply. It’s a brave new world.

5. And there’s a food press stocked to the brim

food-002 Wordpress Wordpress

Look! Supplies! Precious, life-giving supplies. You’re just not used to this level of forward planning.

6. You no longer dictate the TV watching any more

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No, you can’t just marathon watch your own show on the big communal TV. The Angelus is on.

7. You get ridiculously nostalgic about college

tumblr_inline_nexqd01dRZ1sxbobs Tumblr Tumblr

“Those were the days, weren’t they?” you’ll be heard muttering to yourself all the time. You didn’t know how sweet you had it.

8. The money you save is an epic bonus though

Celebrating Nocookie Nocookie

No rent, you say? Oh, that will do very nicely. You knew you would save, but not to this extent.

9. The dinners are of a much higher quality than you’ve been used to

You were used to using this a lot:

Microwave, door open SmartGoat SmartGoat

Now, dinner is something to be cherished.

10. Impromptu parties are just not a thing any more

Hermione-Granger-Shake-My-Head-Gif Mrwgifs Mrwgifs

Inviting some friends over for a few drinks tonight? Nah. You’d probably want to get clearance of at least a couple of days for that.

11. But you definitely realise that your parents are seriously sound for putting up with you

giffy assets assets

It might not have been there when you were a teenager, but suddenly living with your parents isn’t so bad. There might be a few growing pains at the start, but you’ll all work into a rhythm eventually. It’ll be grand.

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