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# Sunny Side of 40
Kim Kardashian sparks social media meme with trip to private island
Kardashian’s announcement that she surprised her “inner circle” with celebrations for her 40th birthday has attracted a mixed response.
# Multi-tasking
A parody video of *that* BBC interview from a mam's point of view has blown up
And caused another million arguments.
# dad jokes
This dad has been parodying his daughter’s selfie poses with excellent results
Nailed it.
# helpful
This parody tourist guide to Ireland is essential viewing for all visitors
“If it says ‘road closed’ just plough on”
# love love peace peace
Last night's Eurovision interval act hilariously took the piss out of the whole competiton
“Peace peace love love – and a man in a hamster wheel.”
# whopper sesh
These brilliant Sraith Pictiúr parodies are getting the Leaving Certs through their Irish orals
“I can repeat the Leaving but I can’t repeat the sesh.”
# doomdaaa
This Foil Arms & Hog skit brilliantly parodies RTÉ's coverage of the 1916 centenary
“He was a volunteer… In the charity shop.”
# off air
Here's the video of what happened AFTER Teresa Mannion's transmission
AKA the only parody you need to see today.
# hey guys
This Irish girl's spot-on Snapchat parody of beauty bloggers is going viral
Hey you guuuuuys.
# nickelstats
The internet can't stop watching this daft 9 second Nickelback parody
Look at this graaAAAPH.
# 12 bricks
Two lads and their music video about bricks just won the internet
I just found 12 bricks.
# fifty shades of tay
5 of the funniest parodies of the Fifty Shades of Grey trailer
Everyone from Father Ted to Steve Buscemi gets a look in.
This comedian's Humans of New York parody is spot on
‘Like if you cry every time’.
Here's the inevitable Star Wars parody of the catcall video
Oh, you jokers.
# Too Many Cooks
The internet just got obsessed with this insane 12-minute sitcom parody
Too many cooks (too many cooks) / Too many cooks (too many cooks) ~repeat forever~
# Irish Psycho
Irish lads perfectly parody American Psycho's business card scene... with pints
“Is that a craft?”
# eamo v kenny
'Your time will come, baby': Aprés Match nailed the never-ending Dunphy v Cunningham rivalry
The RTÉ pundit parody is churning out some excellent work at this particular moment in time.
# setting the table
Spot-on parody of that Amy Huberman Newbridge Silverware ad
“I’m laughing… inexplicably”.
# Breaking News
Aprés Match's brilliant parody of Jim White and Sky Sports News
Nail on the head from the lads.
# hey ho
Meet the musician who shouts “HEY!” in every indie-folk song ever
Hey! is so hot right now.
# Parody
Hilarious Facebook account set up in response to racist 'Waterford Against Roma' page
‘Waterford Against Roma’ is now ‘Waterford Against Romans’.
# tweet that
9 of the best parody accounts on Twitter
You can’t spell “parody” without, er, parts of “party”.
# look down
This Irish guy made his own version of the Look Up video, and it's gas
He nailed it.
# iced coffee
This caffeine-fuelled Frozen parody sums up your thoughts this morning
Frozen is here to stay, unlike you, in that library.
# ok bye
Breaking Bad meets Frozen with brief but hilarious results
He doesn’t want to build a snowman, OK?
# the dublin bus is comin
The Vengaboys get a Dublin Bus remix
A Dublin Bus is stallin’…
# coffee snobs
Hipsters Love Coffee perfectly captures the snobs you meet in a cafe
How do you take yours?
# gin
Here's what President Higgins and the Queen were REALLY thinking during the State Visit
David Cameron was thrown into Slytherin.
# found shoe
This video will make you look at Disney movies in a completely different way
Let’s face it, it’s only creepy if YOU do it.
# rugby roysh
Hilarious Wolf of Wall Street parody... Dublin 4 rugby style
Move over Ross O’Carroll Kelly.
# so inspirational
WATCH: The video that summarises every modern ad in existence
“See how this guy in a lab coat holds up a beaker? That means we do research.”
# I will find you...
A full-length parody of Taken is in the works
Just don’t tell Liam Neeson. He will find you, and he will kill you.
# Sherlocked
Sherlock struggles with auto-correct in brilliant Norwegian parody
The laughter is elementary.
# the real ireland
Here's the parody version of that Fáilte Ireland ad
It’s… different.
# great source of protein
Bear Grylls hilariously braves 'inhospitable' Limerick City
# brothers grin
11 drier than dry tweets that make @BoringKearney a fine Irish sporting parody
Of course, Louth’s internationals aren’t really boring at all.
# drained
Spoof Irish Water ad sums up the harsh reality of water charges
Oh free water, we hardly knew ye.
# Street fighter
WATCH: Taylor Swift 'attacked' onstage during her Grammys performance
Well that explains the headbanging.
# ye prick
Irish hidden camera show spoof tells passer-by he's a prick
Their motto? Why write comedy when there are release forms?
# hey Mrs. O'Loughlin
Making an adult movie... with an Irish mammy
Be not afraid, it’s just a comedy sketch.