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The internet just got obsessed with this insane 12-minute sitcom parody

Too many cooks (too many cooks) / Too many cooks (too many cooks) ~repeat forever~

EVERYONE WHO WAS awake at 4am watching US comedy channel Adult Swim on recent nights had a slightly surreal experience.

In a slot marked ‘Infomercial’, they were shown this 12-minute clip called Too Many Cooks.

At first, the film looks like a cheap 1980s family sitcom, complete with cheesy grins to camera and cornball gags. But then, strangely, the credits keep repeating… and repeating…

… and before you quite realise what’s going on it’s turned into a surreal parody of detectives shows, kids’ cartoons, slasher movies and just about any other TV genre you can think of.

This was the reaction of a lot of people:

Yesterday, the internet finally realised what was going on, and the film – the work of Casper Kelly – quickly went viral. It has now been viewed more than 1.2million times.

And the internet has a new obsession.

There is pretty much unqualified approval. Which for something that’s 11 minutes long, is impressive.

People are being… affected.

Here it is. Persevere. Take some time. Watch it all. JOIN USSSSSSSSSS.

Source: tortoise5210/YouTube

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