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Passenger speaks out: JetBlue attendant caused fracas

Was Steven Slater the one who caused all the trouble?

JetBlue flight attendant Steven Slater leaves a correctional facility
Image: Louis Lanzano/AP

A JetBlue passenger has spoken out against Steven Slater – the flight attendant who ended his career by sliding out of an aircraft with two beers in his hand just as the plane landed.

Slater previously said that he made the decision to quit his job as he had simply had enough.

Speaking to the Wall Street Journal Majorie Briskin a 53-year-old school teacher tells a different story of the now world famous incident.

Slater had been helping a young woman (Briskin believed her to be in her 20′s) with her luggage when Slater blurted out an expletive.

“I didn’t think she was rude in the least,” said Briskin. “It really blew my mind. It was so inappropriate.”

Briskin said Mr. Slater sported a “nice gash” on his head.

But Briskin was not the only passenger who thought Slater’s behaviour to be a little odd.

Lauren Dominijanni, 25, said Slater was rude to her the moment she got on the plane.

Dominijanni said someone had spilled coffee on her seat and when she asked for a sanitary wipe to clean it up, Mr. Slater “rolled his eyes at me and said, ‘What?’ in a real rude manner.”

“No! Maybe when we get in the air! I need to take care of myself first, honey!” he went on to say.

Another passenger said Slater bumped into her in the flight but didn’t apologise.

The evidence given by the passengers is at odds with Slater’s press statement, but its not the only piece of evidence to do so.

The 38 year old said he had been in the airline industry for 28 years, in other words, since he was 10. The former flight attendant is due in court on September 7.

Slater already has over 176,000 fans on Facebook and there’s also been an ode to Slater on Youtube.

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