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16 of the most passive-aggressive things that ever happened

Polite but totally drenched in bitterness.

ARE YOU THE kind of person who will never, ever confront an issue? You know, you just let it lie or maybe post a little note with a smiley face to try and change it with some undercurrent of begrudgery.

Well, bask in the glory of these passive-aggressive people who know how to get things done:

1. This person really got their point across

PYC86jN Source: Imgur

And it’s horrible to look at.

2. “To make space for one more car”

P89NedH Source: Imgur

3. “I stopped by. Cleaned your dirty dishes. Sorry I missed you, Mom.”

Edhb9Av Source: Imgur

Seriously, that did not need to be spelled out.

4. Now, this is the way to get them back

pBPwG Source: Imgur

5. The smiley face is a touch of passive-aggressive genius

That Passive Aggressive Smiley Face Source: Imgur

6. They aren’t thankful at all

02qYH Source: Imgur

7. Total burn

y4aIoGO Source: Imgur

8. Great cultural reference there

bass1 Source: imgur

bass2 Source: imgur

And the drawings are surprisingly detailed, as well.

9. When you haven’t cleaned your room, some parent will do this

1YOdAjt Source: Imgur

10. This shop owner has probably been burned in the past 

passive aggressive sign at an arts & crafts shop Source: Imgur

11. Again, the Mams will find a way to get to you – this time with a present

vivjoy Source: Instagram

12. The cutest drawing of butter you are likely to see

butter2 Source: http://www.passiveaggressivenotes.com/

And quite the retort as well.

13. As if the actual sign wasn’t good enough

U53crCY Source: Imgur

We’re trying not to imagine what happened that made this sign necessary.

14. This is just straight-up insulting

ZrS61i6 Source: Imgur

15. They are not sorry AT ALL

BQz8pyO Source: Imgur

16. The lesson is: you do have to tell people things are wrong, and usually a sign is the best way

Passive Aggressive Florist Source: Imgur

Preferably with a word double-underlined for dramatic effect.

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