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'Passenger Shaming' is an entire Instagram dedicated to a***holes on flights

We’ve all seen them. Now shame them.

WE ALL KNOW them. We’ve all met them. Those fellow passengers on the flight who don’t quite understand the rules.

Now, there is an entire Instagram account dedicated to anonymously shaming them.

Source: passengershaming

Passenger Shaming has been in operation since October 2013. It invites air travellers and cabin staff to submit photos of people with… less regard for those around them.

There are some special sights.

Source: passengershaming

There are a LOT of feet.

Source: passengershaming

In various places.

Source: passengershaming

And there are… other things.

Source: passengershaming

Some are just… inexplicable.

Source: passengershaming

You can follow Passenger Shaming on Instagram here, and on Facebook.

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